Only the Trench was Changed

With the sound of the gunshots and shrapnel of the fleeing soldiers of Daesh who fell asleep, the main fighting between the fighters began.
Bulldozers replaced tanks in the streets. Loaders began to remove debris and collect the wrecks of burnt-out cars and garbage. Bullet marks had to be cleared from the school blackboards. The roofs of the houses had to be secured again. The water and electricity had to be reconnected as well.
Even the sewer lines needed to be checked. In short, much work was needed to remove the traces of Dash from the memories of the cities’ doors and walls and make them a place to live again. He brought the Popular Mobilization Forces to work with all their resources. He also formed an operations room. The commander of the reconstruction operation was none other than himself, Abu Mahdi al Muhandis.

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