Sira of the Infallibles

forbear and Patience

Amir al-Mu’minin peace be upon him, said: If you cannot forbear, feign to do so because it is seldom that a man likens himself to

greatness of the Husseini uprising

Edward Gibbon, English Historian and Politician: Over the centuries and in different lands, humanity has not seen scenes of sorrow for the greatness of the

The apparent martyrdom of Hussein

ANTOINE BARRA, Syrian Christian Scientist and Writer: The apparent martyrdom of Hussein (a.s) in the land of karbala was the first stage of the inner

Greatness of Imam Hussein (a.s)

L.M Boyd, Western Thinker and Writer: Throughout the centuries, human beings have always loved a few attributes of courage and sincerity and greatness of soul

calamities that befell Hussein (pbuh)

Thomas Mazaric, Czech Politician and Philosopher: The calamities that befell Christ (pbuh) are like straw in front of a great mountain compared to the calamities

the martyrdom of Imam Kazim (as)

After the martyrdom of Imam Kazim (as), Sandi ibn Shahak, in a deceptive act, summoned the Fuqaha, judges and elders of Baghdad and showed them