Any believer who supports

Imam Jaafar Sadiq (AS) said: “Any believer who supports an oppressed believer has done better than fasting for a whole month and served in the

Duaa al-Jawshan al-Kabir 3

O He, Who knows the desire of the desirous O He, Who knows the conscience off the silent O He, Who hears the cries of

Duaa al-Jawshan al-Kabir 1

O He-the frightened flee to Him O He-sinners take shelter with Him O He-the repentant return to Him O He-the pious incline towards Him O

Duaa al-Jawshan al-Kabir 4

O Allah Verily I entreat Thee in Thy name: O Forgiver O Concealer [of defects] O Mighty O Supreme O Creator O Shatterer O Joiner

Duaa al-Jawshan al-Kabir 5

O Guide of waylaid O rescuer of those who appeal O Helper of those who call O Aider of those who call O Shelter of