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A Man of sincerity

A Man of sincerity The admiration for Martyr General Qassem Soleimani is rooted in his sincerity. The widespread recognition and heartfelt appreciation reflect the profound

Exemplar of Courage

Exemplar of Courage Martyr Soleimani emerged as paradigmatic figure, serving as a role model for countless young people in the lslamic world, particularly in our

Selfless Altruist

Selfless Altruist Martyr Soleimani epitomized self_saerifice and altruism, transcending any distinctions between nations. His altruistic nature reflected a genuine willingness to selflessly sacrifice for the

Courageous and Resourceful

Courageous and Resourceful Martyr Soleimani possessed not only bravery but also resourcefulness_a rare combination while some may have courage without the wisdom to wield it

Trailblazing in service

Trailblazing in service Amidst the khuzestan Flood, both Martyr Soleimani and Martyr Abu Mehdi Al_Muhandis stood on the front lines, bridging the gap across borders.

Always a Hero

Always a Hero Throughout his lifetime and even with his martyrdom, Soleimani emerged as the Victor against arrogance. Globally, it became evident that the United

Unfailing Dedication

Unfailing Dedication Having observed his work firsthand, it was an undeniable manifestation of relentless commitment and effort,On occasions such as when he visited a country

Guardian of Rights

Guardian of Rights Even in the chaos of the battlefield, where some may overlook God’s limits, Martyr soleimani was unwavering in the conscientious approach. He

Reckless Jihadist

Reckless Jihadist In the pursuit of his duty and Jihad in the name of God, Haj Qasim remained undeterred by the enemy, indifferent to criticism,

Hero of the nation

Hero of the nation The esteemed leader, General Martyr Soleimani, stands as the symbol of heroism for the lslamic nation. Through his deeds and sacrifice,

Only the Trench was Changed

With the sound of the gunshots and shrapnel of the fleeing soldiers of Daesh who fell asleep, the main fighting between the fighters began. Bulldozers